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A decision was made in 2010 to develop a manufacturing facility of our own, with an investment of 6 million US dollars, Zhejiang Cooper & Turner Fastener Co. Ltd was launched. The facility is at the global cutting edge of high strength, quality bolting manufacture and based in the Jiaxing district of Zhejiang. The location offers excellent transportation links with close proximity to our distribution centre all major shipping ports, airports, railways and motorways.

Cooper & Turner Fastener Co. Ltd employs a workforce of around 100 strong, with total manufacturing space of 16,000 m2. The production capacity currently runs at 500 tons / month of hot forged fasteners, and 1000 tons / month of studding. The UK trained management team have a combined knowledge of over 100 years experience in fastener manufacturing and through extensive training have ensured that all employees alike have become to know the exacting standards that ensure Cooper & Turner Fastener Co. Ltd produce the highest quality fasteners, with the upmost efficiency.

The pride of Cooper & Turner Fastener Co. Ltd revolves around the top-of-the-range manufacturing and testing equipment, this along with automated systems allow for a more efficient and safe way of operation. Our current steel stocks consist of a range of European, Korean and Chinese steels from audited approved suppliers who manufacture to our requirements. The manufacturing equipment includes two sealed quench furnace units with 2.5 ton capacity each and manufactured by AFC Halcroft, automated saws, peeling machines, CNC capabilities, thread rolling, and shot-blasting. Each operation is meticulously examined in order to eliminate defects and increase efficiency along with full traceability throughout manufacture that is routinely built into our systems. The factory also has a test house that has a 200 ton and a 400 ton tensile machine, low temperature charpy impact facility, various hardness machines, MPI machine, projectors, 3 horizontal tensile machines used for 100% proof loading of all critical item studding and a German manufactured, torque tension machine which has the capabilities of testing bolt assemblies up to M64.



浙江库柏特纳紧固件有限公司拥有高端的制造和测试设备,和自动化系统结合,提供了更高效和更安全的操作方式。我们目前库存的一系列欧洲、韩国和中国产的钢材都是由合格供应商按我们的要求生产的。公司生产设备包括两条由AFC Halcroft 制造的2.5吨的淬火线,锯床,无心车床,数控机床,滚丝机和抛丸机。每一道工艺都经过细致地检查,以确保消除不良品以及提高效率,同时将可追溯性纳入公司体系并贯穿整个制造过程。工厂的试验室拥有200吨和400吨的拉力机器,低温冲击试验机,各种硬度机,磁粉探伤检验设备,投影仪,3台测试所有关键项目螺栓的100%保载拉力机,以及一台德国制造的能够测试最大达M64螺栓的扭矩机器。